October 2019

Fiscal Monitor for April – August 2019

The federal government posted a deficit of $3.7 billion in August 2019, compared to a deficit of $2.0 billion August 2018.

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Eliminating the Deficit Won’t be so Easy Mr. Sheer


If deficit elimination were so easy, then why haven’t there been more years of balanced budgets or surpluses? In the over fifty years between 1966-67 and 2018-19, the federal budget showed a surplus in only 12 years; in 1969-70 and between 1997-98 and 2007-08. The record in other advanced countries isn’t any better. The fact is, even if you believe very strongly in a balanced budget, the chances of achieving and maintaining them are very low.

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Mr. Scheer finally released the Conservative platform on Friday afternoon. On the front cover, there should have been pictures of Stephen Harper, Doug Ford, and Jason Kenney. What Mr. Sheer and these three gentlemen have in common is that they hate deficits, no matter what their cause.

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